Key Elements

Post Tanners 2There have been a number of important elements that have made the Postellers so successful over the years:
– Trips have to be fun
– You don’t have to spend money to have fun in the countryside
– Youth Hostels are a good setting (getting on and being considerate to others)
– Informal with adults in charge, but more like a family
– Uncomplicated with not every minute planned to give flexibility
– Young people given responsibility (e.g. map reading, planning)
– Young people learning skills without formal teaching
– Even chores being meaningful and fun (social skills)
– Visiting wild open places where nature prevails
– A mixture of backgrounds without any one background prevailing
– Low child/adult ratio (4 : 1 or lower) so each young person can have attention

OUTCOMES:   progress to leadership, independent travel as well as increased confidence, developed social skills, appreciation of the countryside and environment.

We hope that others will see the worth of such work with young people and will be inspired to continue in some way. To this end, we have prepared some advice on the Advice page.


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